VBA : Compare Columns A

  • Dear Expert

    I have a workbook which consists of more than 10 worksheets. Is it possible for me to set a VBA code to highlight column A's data if this data is appeared in other worksheets.

    For example, Worksheet A Column A consists of Data "AA", "BB" and "CC" and Worksheet B Column A consists of Data "DD" and "EE". Worksheet Sum Column A consists of Data "DD" , "AA" , "EE" and "GG". When the macro is activated, worksheet A and B's column A will be compared against Worksheet Sum's column A. Therefore, worksheet Sum column A data "DD","AA" and "EE" will be highlighted with yellow colour.

  • Following code will most probably solve all your issues.

    I have tested it myself.
    Let me know if it does not work :yes:

    Thanks: ~Yogendra

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