[Solved] Conditional Formatting : Action if value in two cel

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  • Hey all,
    trying to do a "double-check" method and want to check to cells with eachother that always should be 0 (zero) and if anything else (- or +) I want XL to notify.

    First had an idea of a watermark appering but maybe that one is to complex without vba so then I tried with conditional formatting.

    Saw a formula with ABS that I tried but it didn´t work out.

    Anyone with ideas?
    =R72-S72 shall equal 0 in T72
    "=IF(T72 is other than 0, then mark text"

    or is it better thinking:
    "=IF(R72 and S72 isn´t the same, then mark text"?

    All the best

  • Let me know if i get it right.

    You want to Conditionally format a cell if another 2 cells are not equal.

    If that is the case, you can write in Conditional Formatting for T72
    and give desired formatting.

    This will mean, if R72 is not equal to S72, the conditional formatting will work.

    Thanks: ~Yogendra

  • Andy,

    Once we write "=R72<>S72" it automatically results "TRUE" and "FALSE" based on the values of the two cells, so no need for if condition.

    Thought just might help :)

    Thanks: ~Yogendra

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