[Solved] VBA : "Secure" worksheet

  • Hi Guys, I have read with interest the ongoing debate about securing Excel spreadsheets, and I am well aware of the limitations of creating a truly secure workbook.

    With this in mind I have hidden sensitive data using the "Very Hidden" command in VBA. I think this is very useful because sheets which are very hidden do not show up in the "file properties" dialog.

    However any named range contained on a very hidden sheet is still visible in the properties dialog. A user might not be able to access the named range, but s/he will know it is there.

    So basically I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to apply "very hidden" characteristics to named ranges?



  • You should never hide sensitive data in a workbook.
    Data on Very Hidden sheets can be seen in seconds (point & click) with no special skills or crack software.
    Am I allowed to say how?

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