word document with embedded spreadsheet linkiing field problem



    I have been having a problem with an embedded spreadsheet in a word document. Most of yesterday was spent fixing a problem where the spreadsheet would change to a picture and become uneditable (fixed by copying office registry entries from another computer) but that's another story.

    I have been trying to link a field to a cell but after creation I cannot get it to update. The link becomes broken. I have followed some instructions I found in this post http://www.vbaexpress.com/forum/showthread.php?t=376 but to no avail.
    If somebody could tell me what I'm doing wrong I would be extremely thankful, I'm close to giving up on it and leaving it to be done manually.


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    I find linked files from word to excel and vice versa to be extremely unreliable. The problem isn't so bad in 2010 any more though. To get around the issue I created a vba script to automatically copy bits from my spreadsheets from named ranges into bookmarks within the word document. I'm on my mobile right now, but if you check this forum for a recent post from me you will find some code that should work. Give me a shout if you need more guidance.

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    Finally had a bit of time to look into this some more today but haven't got anywhere with it.
    I have inserted your code into the embedded excel sheet. The cell is named TOTAL and the bookmark in the word file is also called TOTAL but its not updating.
    I'm sure I am getting something fundamental wrong.

    If you do have some spare time I'd appreciate it if you could have a look, if not not to worry looks like i'll just have to use the good old reliable copy and paste.

    Many thanks

    file needs renaming to Invoice For Professional Services.dotm

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