Formatting: Cell merging & row height probs

  • I want to put a lot of text in a cell, and I have merged down a few rows to make it fit. I've got Text Wrap on, and it seemed to work OK, but as I needed more space I changed the row height.

    Say I merged D1:H1, changing the height of row E is fine, and gives me more space, but changing row H just leaves a single line of text at the top of that row and the rest trails off the end unseen. Any ideas?

  • Hi,

    I will strongly suggest use of Text Box instead of merved cells in case you want to write lot of text. This can help you in formatting the things better. Also, you can make the background as No Fill, so that you don't see a white box.

    Also, the Row Numbers are a bit confusing. You are mentioning Row E ... is this right, ro you mean column E ?

    Thanks: ~Yogendra

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