1024 Character limit on visible cells and printing

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  • Hi
    I have looked in many places for a solution to this problem. Any body have any ideas/tricks etc.? Would really appreciate any.

    There is an "appox" limit of 1024 characters that once exceeded, no matter what you do with Wrap and sizing of a cell means the subsequent characters are not visible in the cell (you can see them in the Edit box) and they do not print either.

    Pete G

  • Hi

    I hope this will help you


    Open workbooks Limited by available memory and system resources
    Worksheet size 65,536 rows by 256 columns
    Column width 255 characters
    Row height 409 points
    Page breaks 1000 horizontal and vertical
    Length of cell contents (text) 32,767 characters. Only 1,024 display in a cell; all 32,767 display in the formula bar. Sheets in a workbook Limited by available memory (default is 3 sheets)
    Colors in a workbook 56
    Cell styles in a workbook 4,000
    Named views in a workbook Limited by available memory
    Custom number formats Limited by available memory
    Names in a workbook Limited by available memory
    Windows in a workbook Limited by system resources
    Panes in a window 4
    Linked sheets Limited by available memory
    Scenarios Limited by available memory; a summary report shows only the first 251 scenarios
    Changing cells in a scenario 32
    Adjustable cells in Solver 200
    Custom functions Limited by available memory
    Zoom range 10 percent to 400 percent
    Reports Limited by available memory
    Sort references 3 in a single sort; unlimited when using sequential sorts
    Undo levels 16
    Fields in a data form 32
    Custom toolbars in a workbook Limited by available memory
    Custom toolbar buttons Limited by available memory

  • trick :

    link two (or more) cells to it

    1st : =left(a1,1024)
    2nd : =mid(a1,1024,1024)
    3rd : =mid(a1,2048,1024) etc etc

    then take snapshots of each cell and re-arrange them to fit via the camera utility :

    tools.......... scrolldown the options

    click the camera icon and drag it to your toolbar, you should now have a camera sitting on your toolbar

    now highlight your cells in question and click the camera, this will take a snapshot of those cells

    now go to where you want to show them as an image, click and drag to max size

    if you don't like the format (opaque-ness, lines etc etc) right-click the new image and play around with the formats

    NB - may be a disadvantage, may be a bonus : this image is realtime : if your scource cells change, the image will also change, similar to a linked cell

  • Re: 1024 Cahracter linit on visible cells and printing

    Does anyone know off the top of their head if this will be addressed in Excel 2007?

    I am doing a good deal of reporting with excel, and I am now hitting a bunch of the limitations!

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