Sum function in Array function not working

  • Hi All -

    I'm having an issue with an array formula. Basically what I have set up is the following formula =SUM(IF(($B$2:$B$243>=E15)*($B$2:$B$243<=F15),$C$2:$C$243)).

    This formula will look at the specific criteria and determine how many clicks are within the "start" and "end" range criteria that I have predetermined. The total number of clicks is just over 20K but after running the array I am getting 26,558 clicks which doesn't make any sense.

    Could someone take a look at the attached spreadsheet and let me know what I am doing incorrectly?


  • Re: Sum function in Array function not working

    You are double counting some of them because you use >= and <= in your criteria. So for example a value of 1 in column B counts for 0-1 and 1-2. Try using:
    in H15 and copy down. (No need to array enter) This will only include the upper value in the next band.

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  • Re: Sum function in Array function not working

    Rory! Thanks so much!

    You have saved me a great deal of time when the issue was right in front of me. Cheers!

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    I would use =SUMPRODUCT(--($B$2:$B$243>=E15),--($B$2:$B$243<=F15),$C$2:$C$243)
    Edit - Sorry Rory - I cross posted after you answered.

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