Command Buttons Moving

  • I have a spreadsheet that has many command buttons that access either userforms or macros. When I originally set these up I did so from the "Form Menu". I have recently replaced all of the buttons with ones from the "Command button menu" which utilizes vb code to activate.

    I have noticed that whenever I either print, or use print preview all of the buttons will all move or bunch up at the extreme left of the spreadsheet. This happens after the print function or when the print preview is closed.

    Is there anyway that I can keep this from happening?

    Appreciate any help from the experts.

    Thanks, Tom


  • I have found why my command buttons are doing the left margin shuffle.

    "Microsoft Office Service pack 3"

    I Uninstalled office and then reinstalled and everything worked great. I then installed the service pack 3 again, and the command buttons went waco.

    I will install again and only install through service pack 2 (if I even do that). Problem is getting my workplace to do the same.

    In the mean time I will send an email to Microsoft explaining the problem.



  • Re: Command Buttons Moving

    Actually, there's an easy fix... in the properties, the default is

    Placement 3

    Change it to:

    Placement 1

    No more moving command buttons...


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