Toolbar and Menu Customization - CRASH !

  • I've been playing with some menu and toolbar customizations lately. I understand that these changes are captured each session in an .xlb file (in my case, C:\WINNT\cln018.xlb ... where cln01 is my username on this computer and 8 is my version of Excel--'97). So the file is automatically named how it is. (WINNT in this case = Windows 2000.)

    However, for some reason the menu changes that I make that are other than 'plain vanilla' Excel commands (by which I mean buttons linked to macros in Personal.xls, for example, instead of 'Excel generic' command buttons) cause Excel to not start. I get various 'unable to read memory' errors and Excel just plain will not start.

    To get around this, I've found that if I move the .xlb file created after my customization into my XLStart directory, then Excel starts, reads that file, and it works just fine. Fine, that is, until I close Excel with the changes that the .xlb file in XLStart creates and ... saves again in WINNT by default. So after each Excel session I need to either wipe out cln018.xlb from WINNT or move it to XLStart. If I don't do that, then Excel crashes on start again, and I get that rude reminder that I should have fixed things up after the last session. So if I'm starting and stopping Excel a number of times during the day, I've got a big nuisance having to do all this housekeeping all the time.

    Both of these options are a pain. What can I do to let Excel create and store its .xlb file normally and let me use the program without this workaround? I would prefer not to have to use a macro to re-create the toolbar and menu changes each time, but if that's what it takes then I guess I'll get started. I definitely want to keep the modifications!


  • Hi Blue Hornet

    1) uninstall Excel
    2) reinstal it

    this is hte best solution 4 u


    h [/SIZE]

    Your Help Is Highly Appreciated

  • Before an re-install, here's a looooonnnnng shot.

    Close Excel Completely

    Go to Start>Run and type in: excel /o
    note the space after "excel"

    Causes Microsoft Excel to re-register itself. Specifically, the following key is rewritten in the registry:


    NOTE: If this key contains invalid values, they are not corrected by using this switch. This switch only replaces missing values.


    Close Excel Completely

    Go to Start>Run and type in: excel /regserver
    note the space after "excel"

    Forces Microsoft Excel to register itself and then quit. Use this switch when you want Microsoft Excel 97 to rewrite all of its registry keys and reassociate itself with Microsoft Excel files, such as workbooks, charts, and add-ins.

  • Dave,

    Many thanks! I should have stated in the first posting that what I was finding was AFTER a complete re-install of Excel in an attempt (failed) to correct the problem. So I didn't think that going through that exercise would fix the problem. But your advice did, quickly and easily.

    Thanks again,

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