• This seems like a simple vlookup but it's not. I need a way to take information from a separate workbook where it needs to find the intersection of the column and row.

    So I need to lookup from the current workbook cell A3=1-21-2003 and cell C3=Tray2 so the result will return "1" from the separate workbook.
    Here is an example of the pivot table that I need to lookup to find the intersection

    A B C D
    Date: Tray1 Tray2 Tray3
    1-21-2003 1 1 1
    1-22-2003 2 1 2
    1-23-2003 3 2 3

    HELP me please!


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  • If you add a row under your date: Tray column and put in the column numbers eg.
    Tray1 Tray2 Tray3
    2 3 4

    You could get away with the following formula:-


  • Hi AJW,

    This excel sheet is reallv too good.

    Which is the site you are mentioning here?

    Looks to be interesting.

    Thanks: ~Yogendra

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