Macro to F2 F9 Enter then Repeat

  • I have created a file with many formulas that create other formulas when evaluated. This is done to facilitate copying formulas.

    Now I need to evaluate each of the formulas so that they will become the formulas they are intended to be. To do so, I must press F2, then press F9, then press Enter. The cursor will then automatically move down to the next cell, which is the next formula I need to evaluate. I have about 1800 formulated cells that exist in a table that is about 12 columns by 160 or so rows.

    I am not sufficiently familiar with excel macros to write one and recording a macro, even using relative cell references, has not proven useful.

    Any help???



  • Hi,

    With Range("C1:C1800") .Formula = .Value End With how can i retain my leading 0 ? eg. 04564 = 4564 but i want it to reflect 04564 but at the same time 55667788 = 55667788 i also want to retain this is there a way to balance both of them ? i tried .text but it do not work. Really appreciate if someone can help Thank you

  • Is there a macro which will change the field to text before this is executed? I tried to change after below code has been excuted it do not recover that zero
    With Range("C1:C1800") .Formula = .Value End With

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