Adding data in sheets

  • I have a friend who has many Excel files, each containing data in four sheets. She wants to add the data in the sheets together, or even the data in different files, if there's a way for her to do that. We're using Office XP on a Windows 2000 computer, if that makes a difference in getting advice. Any way we can add these together?

  • Hi This can be certainly done.. no probs.

    I have worked with lot of these before. If you can give a few more pointers to the exact problems, it will be really great.

    such as what is the structure of data, how many columns, how many sheets,
    do you want to just dump the data one below the other or something else ... etch.

    See following code which have used to consolidate data on one sheet from different sheets in the same file.

    Thanks: ~Yogendra

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