Update external data question? Turn it off!

  • I have made a template that makes a query to an external database. Every time I make a new sheet using this template I get the "This workbook uses a query do you want to update ....." . Does anyone how to turn this splash screen question off? I use XL2003.

    TIA Mats

  • Mats,

    I think You'll need a workaround by using a dummy workbook that open the real one.

    Kind regards,

  • Thanks Dennis,

    It works but now I have to refresh data manually...Now I will try to make som code for that. I am learning, slow but steady....

    Sometimes one get so tired of M$.

    Thanks for your kind help, Dennis!


  • Mats,

    No need for manual work :nono:

    You can choose one of the predefined events in Thisworkbook-module or in the sheetmodules and add the following snippet code:

    Let me know the outcome of above.

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