Custom Cell Formating - Macro or Automated

  • Hello,

    I am working on a project where the fax numbers always appear in this format "000/000-0000".

    In order for the corresponding software to recognize this format, I need this list of faxes to have the format of "000-000-0000. Is there a custom cell format that can be applied or should I look towards a macro that will convert this for me every time a new list is pasted? Or maybe i'm completely overlooking a cell format that will do it for me already!

    Thank you for any help.

  • Re: Custom Cell Formating - Macro or Automated

    Format cells then choose special then select the phone number selection

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  • Re: Custom Cell Formating - Macro or Automated

    Depends what you need really. Changing the format only changes the visible appearance of the cell to the user. If you need to actually replace the one front-slash with a hyphen then use

    =SUBSTITUTE(cell to change,"/","-")

    Or just do a Find & Replace for "/" with "-" if you don't need the old data.

  • Re: Custom Cell Formating - Macro or Automated

    Thank you all for the suggestions. However, I was looking for a more automated solution. The data will be pasted in, then filtered. I'm assuming the paste will wipe out any formula and a Find function will just add another step.

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