Control Toolbox Buttons Move when Printing

  • I have an Excel 2002 workbook where I have a number of GUI buttons defined that run a series of macros. All works fine, until I print (or print previow), at which time the GUI buttons all stack up in the upper-left area of the form.

    Am I doing something wrong (or not doing something I should)?

    Help! (and thanks)

  • I have done this ample time, but never faced an issue.

    Can you try this?

    Create a new file, put many controls on that page then try to print prieview....

    If the problem persists, then this can be a BUG with Excel 2002 ;)
    ... otherwise looks like a file corruption.

    Please provide an update..

    Thanks: ~Yogendra

  • yjoshi, I created a blank workbook, used the Control Toolbox (not "Forms") to create a few command buttons, toggle buttons and check-boxes, putting them around the screen. When I then did a print-preview, they all slid to the left side of the form. Let me know if this happens to you.

    I will download the latest update to Microsoft Office to see if that makes any difference.


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