File gets corrupted after insert rows

  • I have a large Excel file, and at times, following moving rows from one area to another (cut, insert rows), the file gets corrupted. The only way around this at times is to insert a number of blank rows, then cut and paste (not insert rows). There is no indication that things are bad until you try to reopen the file.

    Has anyone run into this problem, and is there a recommened fix of any kind?


  • If you can tell, what do you mean by, "File gets corrupted" will really help :)

    By the way, "HOW LARGE" is the file?


    Thanks: ~Yogendra

  • Excel shows the box asking if the file should be recovered and if it should be sent to Microsoft. The file size is about 3 Mb, but I've seen this happen on another at about 1Mb.

  • Just a few thoughts:

    Does the file use Named Ranges? If so, do the cut and inserts affect these ranges?

    Less likely, since VBA code shouldn't corrupt the file until it's executed, but if you have an event macro that executes as the file saves of opens (and whose execution involves the ranges your cut and insert are affecting) perhaps this could be the culprit.

  • The file uses named ranges, but typically not across the cut/paste area. I use a number of macros, but none that run automatically at the time the file is saved, although some of the functions I've defined may run at that time.

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