Word VBA: run-time error 75

  • This code renames Word document: first, detect path, then name and extension, close document and renames it, and open again.
    Code is stored in Normal.dotx.

    ...but - when file is locally stored (hard disk) i have "run-time error 75", after this i click "Debug" and "Continue" and everything is OK. When file i stored on network disk - there is no error message??!!

    - i have all user access permissions
    - file is not Read-Only

  • Re: Word VBA: run-time error 75


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  • Re: Word VBA: run-time error 75

    Tnx to admin (sorry), now is clear.
    fixed the problem, and

    Regarding to problem:
    "ActiveDocument.Save" inside the code, fixed all and there is no error.

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