Huge Shared Spreadsheet (128mb!!)

  • Hi all!!

    We're all sharing a spreadsheet and it seems to have grown from 4.5mb to 128mb and, in the networ folder where it is stored, a number of files have appeared i.e.1EDDC000, 67B27000 and BC40A100 of 7.4mb, 49.1mb and 69mb respectively!? Any ideas/suggestions would be very welcome??

    Many thanks,


  • Go to the main OzGrid Site and in the Excel section, click on Excel Problems (in the left pane) for some suggestions. Notice also that Dave has a File Size Reducer for sale at a reasonable price. I think the files 1EDDC000 and so on are intermediate files that Excel writes and normally erases, but I may be mistaken.

  • Change History

    Thanks Derk it was in fact the Change History set to 30 days and are related to this histopry.. . hope this helps somebody one day!!



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