excel can't find macro's

  • Hi,

    I'm using 2 workbooks 1 and 2. They are saved on my companies network. Workbook1 is always opened first because it contains macro's which are used in workbook2.
    When I open workbook2 I get an error because Excel can't find the macro on workbook1 (Workbook1 is open).
    I have to go to edit>links>change source to select workbook1 and now the macro's will work.
    When I save and close the workbooks and I open the 2 workbooks on my
    colleges PC (which is connected on the same network) I have to do the same action before I can use the macro's???

    I made a Public Sub in a module in workbook1.
    I assigned the macro on a cmdbutton in workbook2.

    Any help is welcome!


  • have you checked that the "assign macro" to button really does refer to your workbook1 and not maybe to an older version of it?

    In formulae, depending on your locale, you might have to replace ; with , or vice versa.

  • I found my problem.

    The macro's work fine on the PC's who did have an office upgrade (only Service Packs and security stuff) earlier this week.

    So I have to wait until all the PC are upgrated.

    Big problems have small solutions:-)


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