Remove duplicate rows based on oldest date

  • I need assistance in writing vba to remove duplicate rows based on oldest date. I have a worksheet that is an update sheet. This sheet finds the current record with a number of columns that feed a form. The user will make necessary changes to the record and hit a command button which updates the record by finding the next empty column. I need the updated record to find the oldest record (which should only be one record) and delete it and keep the most current record.

    The two columns that it needs to compare is "A" (a ZIP Code column) and "B" (the date column).

    Your assistance is appreciated

  • Re: Remove duplicate rows based on oldest date

    I have a form that the user will retrieve an existing record that was previously. They have to search for their previously entered record. They search for their record and update with new updated info and submit.

    When they search for their record next time I want them to see the latest record.

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