New exciting : Infra-Red reader

  • Hi All

    I have an infra-red reader that reads the products number (the Lines end with numbers) placed on the products.....

    The idea i have is once the reader does its job and stores the red fils in the computer, then import the files using a vba code and once the files are inside Excel then it is done..................

    Is there a VBA code that deals directely with this machine(infra-red reader)?

    Is there a code or any information about it (web sites).............

    Any help appreciated
    Thanks to all

    h [/SIZE]

    Your Help Is Highly Appreciated

  • The first step would be to see how the reader stores the data in the computer. Try opening it in Excel and see if its readable as is. Otherwise you will need to find out from the manufacturor how the data are stored. There would be no point in having a reader read data if there were not someway to retrieve what was read. Is there an instruction book? How is te reader supposed to be used?

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