Conversion to Degree Celcius

  • HI,

    Is it possible to convert a number to Degree Celcius in Excel.

    For exmple i want to see 5 Degree Celcius in excel as "5 superscript and C",

    Can somebody help me with this?


  • Do you want to just convert it to degrees C or even have operations on that?

    I will suggest using format to do this.
    Follow the steps....
    1. Select the range where you want the format, and which contain numbers
    2. Menu -> Format -> Cells (OR press Ctrl + 1)
    3. Select Number Tab
    4. Select Catagroy = Custom
    5. in Type ... enter General" then press Alt + 0176 and leave the Alt button.
    You will see the degree sign. Now enter C"
    in short create format of General"<degree sign>C"
    6. Close the format window.

    You will see that all the numbers are formatted to Degree Celcius....

    You can also do operations on the same, or even create graphs out of this data.

    See the sheet attached.

  • only one additonal thing to yjoshi's solution
    in excel there is a function "CONVERT" soy you can easily convert measurement units between each other like this

    =CONVERT(A1,"F","C") which converts the value of A1 from Fahrenheit to Celsius.
    in the excel help you can read much more about this feature.
    After xou can format your destination cell as Yjoshi described

    hope it could also help a bit

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