Refer to workbook by beginning of filename (as end changes)

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  • Every day I run a macro.

    Every day the macro leaves open a source file (it copies info into a new workbook).

    I can't reliably close the source file within the Macro because the source file has a naming format like

    VendorBacklog4343242343 (the numbers aren't a date or anything I can predict). Today's was 82435386 - which I hoped might be Unix time, but this is 1972 in Unix time.

    Anyway I can refer to the file as "filebeginning(VendorBacklog).close" or some such?


  • Re: Refer to workbook by beginning of filename (as end changes)

    Assuming you mean an Excel workbook is left open...

    You can iterate all the open workbooks looking for a partial title. If you find it, you can set a workbook type variable to point at the workbook and then do what you want...

    (Typed freehand - untested)

    If you meant another type of window, then please elaborate...

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