Speeding Up VBA Code

  • Hi All

    Below I have put this VBA code to aid me in sorting out a number of verious reports.

    The issue is that the ranges of data in the four reports are all diffrent, but the format of the report does not change and there are 4 tabs with the same data but for diffrent divisions.

    So to make sure that the largest range is covered I had to imput the max range into the VBA code.

    As for the print ing of each worksheet need it to print the data that is left behind once VBA has completed its steps

    I am sure that I can change this to VBA code to only select the used ranges in each tab and file.

    Please could you help me


  • Re: Speeding Up VBA Code

    Hi WinteE

    That worked like a charm, thanks.

    How could I repeat this with out selecting each tab and duplicating the code to work on each ws

    Looking forward to your reply


  • Re: Speeding Up VBA Code

    This code puts 10 in cell A1 of each sheet in a workbook :

    Sub Test()
    For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
        ws.Range("A1").Value = 10
    Next ws
    End Sub

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