Delete row + add blank row in range

  • Hello,

    I have a sheet with 3 datablocs rows 1 - 9, rows 11 - 19, rows 20 - 29. Not all rows have data, but the data is always in the first rows of the ranges. The lastrows can be empty.
    I would like to keep these ranges when a row is cut or added
    Now when I cut 2 rows with a macro, lets say, row 3 and 4, the data that started in row 11, is now in row 9. This is not good, it should stayed in row 11
    So I wonder if it is possible, that when I cut rows, the same number empty rows is added starting from the last row in the range?
    The same when I add a new row with data in a range, when this row is added in the first free row of a range, the ranges total must remain 30 rows.
    Because the cut or add is done with VBA, I would like it that this was possible with VBA.


  • Re: Delete row + add blank row in range


    Yes, I use it somewhere else.

    The problem is the same when I add or paste a row in 1 of the ranges.


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    Instead of cutting, it, why don't you copy it, and then clear the values? Can't think of a reason why you necessarily have to CUT. Also, why do you have to add a row, to paste the data? Aren't these 3 blocks fixed? Shouldn't you be just copying the data over, instead of adding or inserting a row?

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