VBA Macro Run-time error '1004 No cells found

  • I have a macro that I found and modified from "Mr. Alpha Frog" at MrExcel.com. The macro filters the data by cost center and sends the filtered data to the appropriate worksheet. I am receiving run-time error 1004: No cells found.
    I tested the macro in another spreadsheet and things worked great, but moving the macro to my actual worksheet creates problems. . When I push the macro button the main worksheet where data is found is rolled up into a filter and the populated columns are no longer visible which is where the error is thrown. I have included a comment at the error point.
    I have attached a copy of the spreadsheet and would greatly appreciate any help. If viewing the attached spreadsheet, to view the macro button you'll have to select the filter on the cost center column and "select all".

    Thanks in advance.


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