Corresponding term to reflect in next cell

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  • Hello,

    I have a bank for terms that are collated to a specific numeric value. I'd like to have, if the numeric value is entered then another cell will show the corresponding term.

    For example user enters "375.15" in A1 and B2 will show "Dry Eye" or vise verse.

    Thank you.

  • Re: Corresponding term to reflect in next cell

    We have no way of supplying any solution other than a guess without sample data. Post an example workbook (or the real one if it's no secret) so we can see what you have.

  • Re: Corresponding term to reflect in next cell

    Thanks this is right on. I think with the combo box is what I'm looking for. Rather than using a cell formula, how would this reflect on being in VB coded.


  • Re: Corresponding term to reflect in next cell

    Right now there is no need to use VB coding. The comboboxes have to have a "linked cell", which I used the one right under each box, but you could use any cell you want. Then the linked cell is just an index in your list. I.E.-What row (of the table, not the whole worksheet) the selected value is on, then find that row and get the value from the opposite column on that row.

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