HLOOKUP or another formula?

  • I have a problem I need some help with. I have data entered into rows on spreadsheets, and I want to know how I can find the 3 lowest numbers of the four and add them together in a cell to the right of the row. I've attached an example of what the sheet will look like. Thank you for your help.

  • Re: HLOOKUP or another formula?

    Put =LARGE(B2:H2,4)+LARGE(B2:H2,3)+LARGE(B2:H2,2) into cell J2. That will add the second, third and fourth largest of the four scores together.

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    Either one works :), but I think yours was adding the 3 highest and mine the 3 lowest. Concept is the same.

    with 4 values to look at:


    is the same as:


    of course the second relies on only having 4 values, so would be wrong if more were added later.

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    Oh...yea. Had to take another look....2, 3, and 4...gotcha :)

    If it works, it works...doesn't have to look pretty :)

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