Tab order in excel

  • I have a form with 58 cells to be entered by a user. I am using the following code:

    I have no problem moving in sequence using the tab key until I reach D27. Instead of moving to I27 it goes to I25 and when tab is pressed again it reverts back to D27, then back to I25, etc. I can solve the problem by using either the return key or the arrow keys to move to the correct cell but it is defeating the objective of providing a simple method of moving from cell to cell to input data in the required sequence. I can also select a cell out of sequence by clicking on that cell but I cannot back-tab to a cell using the shift/tab key combination. The majority of the cells requiring data input are merged cells. Your assistance with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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    It has something to do with the merged cells. I unmerged the cells that weren't working right, and it worked fine.

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    It is definitely odd because as you would have noticed, most of the cells before D27 are all merged but they work well. I will attempt to redesign the form so that those cells that are presenting the problem are not merged. Thanks for your insight.

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    Problem solved - I only merged those cells in col I and left out those that were previously merged from col J for both I25 and I27 - works a treat!! Thanks. Now for the back-tab code - do you have any thoughts on that or should I start a new thread?

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    Back tab is shift+tab, normally, but I'm sure that won't work with a defined tab order.

    IMO, tab order and back-tab order are related enough to continue this thread....but it's not my forum :) I whatever you feel like doing I guess.

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