Allow only one entry in column

  • I am creating a simple database for my customers (name, address, phone etc...) . I am trying to allow only one entry for column J {range ("J2:J30")} sort of like a radio button. I want the last entered text "x" to be the one that is allowed to remain. I have code that will look for that "x" and copy that row to my proposal form. I don't know where to begin. If someone could help me out I would appreciate it.

    I am attaching what I have (the format is wide) columns A-I are the inputed cust. info (green header) when I place an "x" in col J and then click button "Current Customer" the row with the "x" in it copies over to L2:T2 (red header).

    It all works fine (except for the one entry in column J), it would be nice if I can figure out how to only allow one "x" in column J, I tried data validation but that didn't work consistently.

    Thank you for your time.

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