Yes/ No message box with cell address of last populated cell; jumps to cell on yes

  • Display a message box which displays cell address of the last populated cell in a row and jumps to 'it' when user clicks “ yes “ button

    I am a complete novice to VBA. Is there a cleaner way to write some VBA code performing the following function?

    When macro is run:

    • Displays popup message box with text.
    • Runs string of VBA code which returns cell address of last populated cell in column "A" and displays it as follows: "Last Populated Cell Is: [Cell Address] Jump To The Last Cell?"
    • Gives user chose of "Yes" or "No"

    • If user choose YES = Jumps to last populated cell.
    • If user choose NO = macro ends and pop box disappears.

    Here is my code at present:

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