Excel VBA "OVERFLOW" Error

  • Hi there,

    Would anyone be able to tell me why everytime I execute this bit of code I get an overflow error?

    When I debug it always shows the value of i being 1 more than the starting row value. Ie. if inital row is 2, then the value of i at the point of error in the code is i=3.


  • Re: Excel VBA "OVERFLOW" Error

    I can't test it as is because of the ProgressDialogue, but here's a shot. All I did was remove some of the unnecessary code (Range.Row to Range.Row, for instance...you can just use numbers). May still bug out, but who knows. If that doesn't fix it (and it probably wont) could you post your User Defined Type coding for the ProgressDialogue so we can test properly.

  • Re: Excel VBA "OVERFLOW" Error

    I can't image why you would want to loop cell-by-cell to convert to values.

    You could do this in one fell swoop using a copy/pastespecial - however, that being said, there is usually more to the story than what is posted.

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