CLOSE out a USERFORM after commandbutton is clicked

  • Hello VBA Gurus,

    So far I have gotten to the root cause of my problem thanks to the great mind on this wonderful forum now I would like to figure out which code will allow my userform to close out once the command button has been hit and task executed. to show my user form I have:


    now how to I have it automatically close without having to hit the x at the top right corner?

    Your advise and wisdom would be most appreciated.

  • Re: CLOSE out a USERFORM after commandbutton is clicked


    Please learn to use code tags. I've added them for you this time.

    All VBA code posted in the forum must be wrapped in code tags, which you omitted, including single-line code snippets.
    I've added the tags for you this time only. Be sure to use them in future posts.

    [COLOR="navy"]How to use code tags[/COLOR]


    [COLOR="navy"]your code goes between these tags[/COLOR]


    Or, just highlight all of the code and press the [COLOR="#FF0000"]#[/COLOR] button to add the code tags

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