Reorder columns by name + Wildcard?

  • Hello all! I'm looking for some VBA code to help me put my columns in a specific order. Here is the catch I need to do it by the column's name (first row values), not by the letter. I have code that will work but I've ran into some difficulty. I'll try my best to explain, from the code below:


    are my column names. I want them in that order, however the columns were pasted in from another program making the " MONITOR" with the space included in "COMPUTER MONITOR" unreadable in the code.

    Is there a way I can ignore " MONITOR" in the array and still reorder the column with the name "COMPUTER MONITOR". Also the same with DOG, can I ignore the spaces in front of it and still derive the "DOG " with the spaces? Sorry if this isn't making any sense. I think what I am looking for is a wildcard.

    All help is appreciated!

  • Re: Reorder columns by name + Wildcard?


    I am not quite sure I've understood, so maybe one of:

    columnMatch = Application.Match("*" & orderedHeadings(i) & "*", Range("1:1"), 0)
    columnMatch = Application.Match(Left(orderedHeadings(i), 3) & "*", Range("1:1"), 0)
    columnMatch = Application.Match(Left("*" & orderedHeadings(i), 3) & "*", Range("1:1"), 0)

    I assume you will change the match strings to remove spaces.

  • Re: Reorder columns by name + Wildcard?

    Hey Dangle, thanks for the reply.
    I actually used a different method, I made a separate macro to just rename my columns and then called my rearrange function. It seemed to work just fine.

    But your help was much appreciated!

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