(programming process logic) how or where to ask

  • where or how to really understand how to code in a very logical and natural way. I mean I was reading about variables, and many books I think asume and abuse asumming, when they talk about declaring variable talk about procedure level, project level, and after jump with example like Dim 1row as long end sub,
    how or what book really explaing from the problem to the pseudocode and how I figure out when to write those wierd as long = as long, if for example I want a code that ---generate a list of numbers with some conditions---- is a simple statement with the following words 1(generate), 2(a list of), 3(numbers) and 4(with some conditions) from this simple things how they deduce all those dims and so on. somebody can tell me what book explain this, and please if this is to ordinary for you, think this is a forum and the rules do not say nothing about to be a genius, otherwise why to be here.

  • Re: (programming process logic) how or where to ask

    It's hard to follow your question, but if you surf this forum you will find several examples variables. Then if you come back with examples and questions about certain code examples, I'm sure someone will be glad to help you out.

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