Vlookup of Now() time in mm:ss time format?

  • hi!

    I need to do a Vlookup where the reference field is Now() time in mm:ss format.
    I need the excel file to see the now time in mm:ss format and give me the vlookup result from the array.

    I am attaching 2 files, first is my data file in which i need to do the vlookup while second is the file that continuously updates itself so that you can check whether the result is working in real time.
    Following things may please be noted:
    1. I know how excel sees time in no. and decimal formats, so please don't inform me on that again;
    2. I have been able to get partial result and you can check this when you run both the files together. But my vLookup solution works only till 08:15 of an hour (in mm:ss format) and stops after that. can someone please check what am I missing here? (To check, please reset your system clock to the start of any hour and check till 08:15 mm:ss of that hour).
    3. Would prefer a non-macro solution, but if it isnt possible, then macro can also be advised;
    4. The result of vlookup need not necessarily be in the result format that i have given in my excel file (i.e. instead of the output result being in my data, it can be any other text filed also), but it should work for all the mm:ss results across the 1 hour time frame, reading Now() time in mm:ss format.



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