Copying PDF files to Word

  • I'm not sure this is the correct forum for this but I am trying to copy pages from a pdf file into Word. I know you can use the text tool to copy either text or pictures, but I want to copy both at the same time - and keep the formatting. When copying text into Word the original formatting is lost. I want to edit this once copied so the snapshot tool is no good.
    Any ideas? all help much appreciated

  • Isn't there an Export option ? I don't have Acrobat installed at work, but I am sure I have used this feature.

    I think this feature is only available in the full version (Acrobat Writer) not the free Acrobat Reader

  • Thanks

    Thanks for your sugestion but I managed to find Writer and downloaded it however I couldn't work out how to do it if it is possible. i shall keep trying

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