Create drop down then IF statement?

  • It sounds simple, but maybe it just isn't. I'm trying to create a database of addresses with a lookup front page. If the user enters a postcode in one box it will give them the possible addresses linked to that postcode in a dropdown. On choosing the required address the three required fields will be automatically populated. The same postcodes will not necessarily mean the 3 data fields will be the same etc, etc. The database may become quite large but there will be nothing more difficult than the above.

    I have attached a simple file to try and demonstrate.


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    First create a named range for your data in the Data sheet... for example select A4:E37 and name that range Data.

    Then in the Front sheet, select D13, go to Data Validation, select List from the Allow menu and enter formula:

    =INDEX(Data,MATCH($B$13,INDEX(Data,0,1),0),2):INDEX(Data,MATCH(2,INDEX(1/(INDEX(Data,0,1)=$B$13),0)),2) in the Source field.

    Now you can select address based on postal codes. *Note: This assumes that postal codes are grouped together in the Data sheet.

    Then in G6:


    in G10


    and G15:


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    This seems to cover what I need, thanks

    I assume that - no matter how large the database is - as long as the named range covers all the data it wouldn't be a problem with the size? (number of rows)

    I've found that the problem usually lies inbetween the keyboard and the chair

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    Yes, that's right, but it might get slower at processing, since these formulas are really array formulas... so try to keep at minimum necessary

    Where there is a will there are many ways. Finding one that works for you is the challenge!

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