Shared Workbook Locked

  • Hi all!

    Had a look in the historical posts on file locks etc but, found no solution to this little problem. A spreadsheet is shared on our Server 2003, we use Excel 2002 on XP workstations. The spreadsheet contains two worksheets and the Share Workbook settings, the following settings are checked:

    'Allow changes by more than one user...'
    'Don't keep change history'
    'Auto Save every 15mins' with 'Save my changes and see others' changes'
    'Ask me which changes win'
    Print settings
    Filter settings

    After many days of happy saving.. . yesterday, the file locked and no one (4 users had opened it) could save the spreadsheet. An error appeared with:

    This file is locked. Try the command again later.

    I can't figure what could have caused this, the article below on MS didn't help either:…ch.asp%3FArticle%3D129276

    I could not find a solution and we had to save and started afresh by copying data into a new spreadsheet and setting configuration as above. Naturally, I would like to avoid this in the future and/or be able to rescue the problem without having to start afresh, any ideas would be more than welcome to avoid this in the future? Many many thanks.. .


  • Hi all!

    Any ideas on this post, the workbook has locked itself up again and this is getting to be a bit of a pain now!!

    Many thanks for any help you can give!!


  • Just Some Suggestions

    Forgive me I'm new here, so i may not have the correct answer.
    I work in a facility that runs about 12 workstations on a shared workbook.
    The files range from 3000kb to 20mb. We have problems with lock ups when multiple workstations try to save at the same time, especially when it's a 20 mb file. As for answers to this problem. We had to schedule saving times.
    We also improved our network connections and signals. I also run a bit of code on "worksheet activate" for each workbook . It sets everyones workstation to the same settings. So everytime a workbook has to be unshared, which sets the share setting back to default, the new settings will be activated automatically the next time the workbook is shared and distributed for editing. Try pasting this code into one of you worksheets modules after unsharing it, then share it again.

    Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
    With ActiveWorkbook
    .PersonalViewPrintSettings = True
    .PersonalViewListSettings = True
    .AutoUpdateFrequency = 15
    .AutoUpdateSaveChanges = True
    .ConflictResolution = xlUserResolution
    .KeepChangeHistory = False
    End With
    End Sub

    I tried this with a "workbook open", but it gave me problems.
    Everytime you reactivate the sheet, it will reset the options, in case someones pc isn't in tune with the others. Hopefully I'm not giving you useless information.

    Like I said, I'm new, I'm no expert, But I "Trial and Error" through a working profesional environment and I keep working until they work correctly.


  • Re: Shared Workbook Locked

    Change the file name.orCopy the file in your desktop --> rename it --> replace the shared file with this new renamed oneThis worked for me. this is more a network issue or combination of network or file

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