Merging Rows

  • Hello, first post hope you all can help.
    I'm trying to write a macro that can merge rows if Column A is blank.
    test |1
    test |2
    test |3
    test2 |4
    test2 |5

    So Test would be row 1 test2 would be row 2. As opposed to test2 being being row 4.

    I used JoinRows macro found at But am having trouble modify it to see if there are blanks in column A.

    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  • answer

    Ok, I'm not sure if i completely understand your question, but the following chunk of code will eliminate any blank cells by moving data to the first available row.

  • Assuming not deleting rows where Col A is blank

  • merging rows

    Thank you for the quick replies.
    I want to merge the rows vertically, but not delete them.
    Col 1 : Col 2 : Col 3
    Row 1: test 34 valid
    Row 2: test 34 ic audit
    Row 3: more 23 3e

    desired result
    col 1 : col2: col3
    Row 1: test 34 valid
    test test test 34 ic audit
    Row 2: more 23 3e

    I hope the above is clear.

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