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  • Hi :)

    I am using Word 2002. These adobe acrobat macros started appearing in the All active templates and documents view option in the Macros window and I can't get them to go away. They always try to start up whenever I open word and I would like them not to. The delete button is greyed out in the macros window and when I try to use Visual Basic Editor it says the project is unviewable. I looked around in the few adobe options that were available inside word and I was not able to find a way to disable them. Help :)


  • You must have installed Adobe Acrobat onto the PC.

    You can get rid of the whole shebang...

    Open Word, go to Tools-Templates and Addins and uncheck anything in the LOWER window.

    You can remove any DOT files from Word's startup folder, the location of which is available under Tools-Options, File locations tab.

    Careful...the files could be hidden by your Windows settings.

  • Reading your post sounds like you have just or previously install acrobat this by default will install VBA macros they are the code bit that converts the word docs to pdf files, and so is needed, that’s the new red adobe icon you can now see – it is support to be there, you can try removing the icon by de-selection in the toolbars or uninstall adobe in which case you will no longer be able to use or make PDF files, guess need to decide what you are trying to do and if you want to make pdf files.

    To remove from the toolbar right click with the mouse pointer on the command bar and un tick the adobe selection

    To uninstall I suggest remove programs in the control panel of windows.

    Post back if you need want more help,


  • Hi, Jack.

    I just want to say that after removing them the way I've explained, the user can still hit File-Print, and choose Adobe PDF Writer, which is the way (from my experience) 99% of the people use it.

    For whatever reason, the templates that Adobe adds on install often cause more trouble than the stupid little button they add to the toolbar is worth.

    Just my 2 cents...

  • Anne good point I guess here we treat on ‘house keeping’ ie tidy up in which case use windows to fully remove the print / printer and drivers, I don’t get so heavy in forums as I get so little thanks, bar my fan club that track such posts, often I have found most just cant or don’t understand windows stuff and heavy excel / office stuff so I relax there, in fairness I prefer to remove office / any application from the original disk, but maybe that’s old hat now days I wipe my laptop every 3 or 6 weeks and re – load from Gdisk [yes gdisk not fdisk] and build the way I want, I even used images and so on, but its to much in forum land.

    I cant say I have ever hit a single problem in Adobe version 4 or 5 with distiller, not one, bar remove security and rip images, when someone at works forgets to archive the docs… typical so I struggle there, the icon I hit and bingo done for years, I guess all come back o install and the way the applications are installed and the way the
    applications are built on windows platforms. Even windows xp I install a very different way ie full on and nil configuration bar regional and time sets, I also now use Xp to take over the install and wipe the Hdd its faster and bullet proof, just ISP stuff and one.

    Dunno the XLA and so on are recoverable so must be doable, the file print adobe option seems a bit long winded, but I take your point worth remembering that one, as you say guys will do this, cheers for the tip I must be more concise with my reply’s on this mater in future.

    Thanks again Anne


  • Thanks Dreamboat, that's exactly what I was looking for. :) This is my computer at work and am very glad there is a way to get that long list of macros out while still having adobe installed. I was checking around on the other computers and they didnt have this long list of adobe macros even though all the computers here have adobe installed, so I assume the macros appeared when I clicked one of the adobe icons on the adobe toolbar in word one day. I also tried removing the toolbars manually like Jack was saying, but the macros kept putting them back ;)
    Thanks to both of you for your help :)


  • Grr, can anyone help me do the same thing for Excel? :) There is a PDFmaker project in visual basic editor in Excel that wont go away.


  • Maybe look into programs add | remove and remove the application that will kill it, use windows to do this control panel

    Try an uninstall program like Norton or Uninstaller to do this better [just removes more files sometimes left ]

    Run a cleaning utility the only one I recommend is Norton utility’s, clean up I find this good after such as sorts loads of bit out, I opt for automatic repairs – never let me down I never even check what its going to do just let it, im techi and never had a problem in years


    If that don’t work let me know what version of Acrobat FULL yor running and ill load and uninstall or remove macros whatever and get back to you

  • I have already cleaned out XLStart, that keeps the toolbar and the PDFmaker.xla file from coming up, but for some reason the project is still in VBA editor. I have also searched the hard drive for all files by that name and zipped them, so something else must be causing the VBA project to open up. I even took the acrobat assistant out of the program files startup folder.

    It's Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard that is installed, I would remove it but we are required to keep it. If I disable the Microsoft Office option inside Adobe's setup then I probably wont be able to use the file print option inside Office to select PDF.

    Thanks for all the help so far. :) The little things like this annoy me.


  • Did you see if you have an alternate startup location in Excel? Maybe it's there? Are you viewing hidden and system files -- you're sure it's not just hiding from you?

  • How do I check file locations in Excel like you showed me how to do earlier in Word? The only thing in XLStartup earlier was PDFmaker.xla and I created a new folder and moved it there. I also told it to show contents of system folders, not to hide protected system files, and I always have show all hidden files on. If it's hiding from me, then it's doing a really good job. :)


  • Okay, so they're not hiding.

    You went to Tools-Options, General tab and make sure that either:

    --there is nothing in the "alternate startup folder"


    --you went to the alternate startup folder designated and there is nothing in it

    Also, I assume you have closed Excel and re-launched it.

    Code doesn't run for no reason. There's only a few places it can hide in Excel. You might want to do a little read-up on it? It's not a lot to read.

  • The "At startup, open all files in:" option was blank in Excel. I have closed and reopened several times. :) I also tried renaming the registry folder like it says on the link you posted and it still showed up in VB editor. I have no clue where it comes from. Would a screenshot of anything help?


  • Okay. You went to the folder on your hard drive called XLSTART, right?

    You mentioned XLSTARTUP before, so I'm wondering if you just used that as a term...

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