vba code / stock historical price macro ?

  • sorry i may have got the wording wrong (im a beginner) but im looking for help with this one function i need for a school project on historical stock prices in excel.....basically i need a way to perform this function:

    in row 1, i have 30 RANDOM historical dates, starting in B1 and going right

    in column A, i have 10 stock symbols, starting in A2 and going down

    Is there a way to automatically grab the ADJUSTED CLOSING PRICE for each symbol for each corresponding date?? if not i have to do it manually!!

    Your help in this matter is much appreciated!!!!

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    As this is a school project I take it that you have been given some guidance on how to proceed. What were you told? What initial ideas do you have (other than ask on a forum to get somebody else to do the project for you! ;) )

    Might also be useful if you indicate which exchange these stocks are quoted on.

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    hi Richie, thanks for your response..this is more of a personal experiment/project for a statistics class...im using s&p500 stocks....is there some code for this?

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    Take a look at using QueryTables. You can probably get pretty much all you need by recording a macro of you doing this manually - that's how I started with the following:

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