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  • [INDENT]Hello,

    I am trying to put together a standalone VBA macro that can easily be inserted into my financial models that allows me to quickly switch between two different printing setups – e.g. 8.5x 11 and 11x17 tabloid. I hope that was clear enough to understand. I have never used VBA or coding for that matter. I also am using excel 2007. Can anyone help me?


    Blake [/INDENT]

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    Welcome to Ozgrid.

    Have you tried record a macro going through the step of setting up the sheet to your needs? The code generated by the macro recorder won't be "pretty" but you could start with the recorder and then post the code for help in optimizing it.

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    Hi Blake,

    As suggested, the macro recorder is often a good starting place for generating code in situations like this. You can then look to modify it and might go with something like this:

    You could add the code to each of the financial models or add it to your Personal.xls to have it available for use on all workbooks (you can assign a keyboard shortcut to it to make its use easier).

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