I've gotta build a new app

  • So... the other day I'm out buying powertools and I go ahead and pay an extra $15 for the extended 2-year warranty, and then it dawns on me.

    How many things have I bought that may still be under warranty? Tires, car batteries, cameras, TV, the list goes on...

    I've got to build myself something to keep track of all the warranty terms and conditions on the items I purchase.

    Anyone out there already have something like this?

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  • answer

    I don't.

    But it would be extremely easy to do. Depending on your interface, the inner workings of the application would be quite simple if you run it over excel.

    All you would need is some kind of way to have an input. Once the input is received, send the data to the worksheet and save the file.

    I suggest having some kind of userform to receive the input. Validate the userform to ensure data is correct, then send it off to the spreadsheet. You could also create a userform to view the data, but that would be redundant. If you format the worksheet nicely, all the data can be viewed directly.

    If you have any specific questions regarding the project, just ask.

  • I know how to build one. I doubt it will involve a userform...

    Just wanted to see if anyone else had something already. Or perhaps if anyone were interested I'd share a copy when complete.

    Thanks anyway

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