Increasing values by 10 percent

  • Hi. I know this has gotta be one of easiest questions and I feel silly asking it, but how the heck do I increase a row (vertically) of say 100 cells by a percent? Say 10%. I'm simply trying to increase the value of prices in this row. :thanx:

  • Hi bluecat

    Put 1.1 in a cell.
    Select that cell , right-click, then Copy
    Select you 100 cells, rightclick, PasteSpecial
    Check Multiply (in the middle section!)



  • Sorry, should have added:
    1.1 = (100%+10%)
    for 25% increase use 1.25, etc.
    Decreasing by a % goes like this:
    0.80 = (100%-20%), etc.



  • The handy add-in, ASAP Utilities has this capability in one step, no extra columns needed. Plus it has ~299 other handy capabilities.

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