VBA Automate Unzip with SecureZip

  • I'm trying to automate unzipping many .gz files on a monthly basis. Previously I used a macro a coworker wrote to do the unzipping using winzip (think he may have used some code snipits from this forum for it - seems like several sites have similar code shown in different postings). But now my office has switched over to pkware's SecureZIP, I can no longer use winzip, and my coworker has moved on. Can I manipulate that old code to work with SecureZIP somehow? I can't seem to find any suggestions on how to do this. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on where to start?

  • Re: VBA Automate Unzip with SecureZip

    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    I know when I wrote a Winzip routine a while ago it was fairly straight-forward to modify the code for Winrar (see below). What code have you got and what have you tried so far?

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