run VBA/excel macros in non-Excel spreadsheet?

  • just wondering if any non Excel spreadsheet apps can run VBA/macros. I found one (Openoffice) that runs something similar and can even convert excel macros to their format albeit in a rather limited fashion. If anyone here knows of any others I'd love to hear about them. Thanks.

  • Re: run VBA/excel macros in non-Excel spreadsheet?

    VBA is a proprietary language - so unless the writers licence it from Microsoft then it cannot be incorporated into another product...

    OpenOffice is open source so that precludes it using VBA on cost grounds. The same will apply to any other open source project.

    I'm not aware of any other commercial spreadsheet product that uses VBA.

    I could be wrong... but if there is one, it's probably a niche product.

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