WorkSheet_Change not updating

  • When you delete or insert a row (right click the the row #s on the left before the first column):

    Sub WorkSheet_Change(Byval Target As Range)
    End Sub

    does not detect that insert or delete row so nothing changes and Access is not updated.

    Is there some way of detecting when the insert row or delete row has been activated to do something that will make WorkSheet_Change notice.

  • Re: WorkSheet_Change not updating

    Access isn't updated?

    Isn't the worksheet change event part of Excel?

    When I try your code in Excel it is triggered when a row is inserted or deleted.


  • Re: WorkSheet_Change not updating

    You have change a cell not a whole row or something else.

    I have put in "Sheet1" in VBA it just:

    Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
    MsgBox ("InsertOrDelete")
    End Sub

    and nothing happens when I right click on the row #s just to the right of columnA and Select "Insert".

    You try.

  • Re: WorkSheet_Change not updating

    Then you got:



    or something like that when you execute row delete or insert.

    or where am I going wrong is it with the whole thing.

  • Re: WorkSheet_Change not updating

    I didn't get that because there was nothing like that in the code I used which was the code you posted originally.

    If I used the code you just posted then I would get the message box.


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