last stock price from yahoo finance

  • I forget exactly who's scripts I modified for this one (and I'll admit, I'm an absolute VBA novice, I don't claim to be good by at all so if it's sloppy, don't be too harsh!), I actually collected a variety of sources to make this work. But this macro simply grabs the two ticker symbols in A2 and A3 and puts the last prices (from yahoo finance) below. I know it's a really simple tool, but I haven't found anything like this floating around, it will be useful to me....I hope this will help someone else also.

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    hmmm, I think you've got a bit of code missing. Where's the code that actually downloads the stock data? your workbook just seems to pull data from a spreadsheet called Quotes

    Scratch the above, just re-read the code

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    FWIW I use

    I then use this as a worksheet function:

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    Nice submissions, both.

    blah17 - Nothing wrong with it at all. Only a minor quibble in that it'll fall over in versions of Excel prior to 2007 because of the reference to column ZA. Also, you don't need to select a range before doing something with it

    Attached has been re-written slightly to address the points above, plus it will pull back a list of up to 30 symbols...

    Kyle123 - Nice to have an example of downloading using REST API.

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