Matching two values and retrieving third value

  • Hi there,

    I have two sheets in my excel book. On the first sheet (starts from M3 ends M33000) I have list of abbreviations which are randomly listed and used more than one times. On the second sheet I have the list of abbreviations (starts from A2 ends A22000) used in the first sheet, these are listed as an index I have long forms of these abbreviations in the next column (B3 to B22000).

    What I am trying to do is to call the long form of abbreviations listed on sheet 2 to the right column of the abbreviations used in the sheet 1 ?

    I have tried different formulas, yet I could not manage to solve it. I would like to ask you whether this is possible and any of you have an idea?

    Best regards,

  • Re: Matching two values and retrieving third value

    I am a newbee to VBA. I want to copt data from excel to Word using VBA. In order to make reading easy I need to seperate the data with a new line. So, how do I enter a new line when in Word using excel VBA?


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